Common Courtesy for the Kids!

We couldn’t be happier to have been a part of the Save On Meats presents Common Courtesy Vol 1 Launch Party!!!! The compilation album was released last Thursday, the 27th,  with all proceeds going to Kids Up Front (Vancouver). It was seriously an insane show. From the cops showing up, to Alexis smashing her tambourine on the ground thrasher-style (she says it was an accident, but we’re pretty sure she was momentarily possessed by Sid Vicious).

BIG UP’S to Adam Fink (from Gang Signs and every other band) and Jason Corbett (from ACTORS) for putting this together. I mean C’MON… 30 freakin’ songs from 30 amazing Vancouver acts! To the rest of the music world, I say “check mate”. Hope y’all take a listen to see what our great city has been stirring up. Take a listen here: