Common Courtesy for the Kids!

We couldn’t be happier to have been a part of the Save On Meats presents Common Courtesy Vol 1 Launch Party!!!! The compilation album was released last Thursday, the 27th,  with all proceeds going to Kids Up Front (Vancouver). It was seriously an insane show. From the cops showing up, to Alexis smashing her tambourine on the ground thrasher-style (she says it was an accident, but we’re pretty sure she was momentarily possessed by Sid Vicious).

BIG UP’S to Adam Fink (from Gang Signs and every other band) and Jason Corbett (from ACTORS) for putting this together. I mean C’MON… 30 freakin’ songs from 30 amazing Vancouver acts! To the rest of the music world, I say “check mate”. Hope y’all take a listen to see what our great city has been stirring up. Take a listen here:

Behaviours Music Video Released Today!

Here’s the premiere of our brand new video “Behaviours”, courtesy of Exclaim! Thanks to our friends BKS Crew Productions Inc. and all of the actors involved! Such a treat to work with these boys again. They do amazing work, as always. Click the link below to read the article, or head to our videos page!


Upcoming Shows

Hello our lovelies,

Here’s an FYI as to some of our upcoming shows…

Friday, May 10 – Vancouver, BC – Video Release Party for “Behaviours” – COME FRIDAY at The Cobalt
Friday, May 24 – Seattle, WA – Lofi Performance Gallery w/Yevtushenko
June 12 to 15 – Toronto, ON – North By Northeast Music And Film Festival & Conference

We hope to see you at one, or all!



Hey folks! We’re pleased to announce the release of our FREE “Times Electric” – Redux” EP for y’all over at Bandcamp. Huge thanks to Jason from ACTORS, Kaboom Atomic, producer Adam Percy, Adam V. from The Ludvico Treatment, along with our Seattle friends Andrew Chapman from Princess and Kyle Porter from The Walking Wounded. We couldn’t be happier with your interpretations!

Check it out here!

TE Remix Cover

Exciting Things A’brewing!

Lots to get crunk about between now and the end of March. We’ll be spinning Bill Cosby and Metalica at Save On Meats Sat. Feb. 23rd to celebrate our 6th anniversary. From there, we’re off to shoot a new video with our friends at BKS Crew Productions Inc. SWS will kick-off March with the release of a free remix EP for “Times Electric” and finish the month with another barf-inducing video release party at COME FRIDAY Mar. 29th!

We’re Updating!


We’re back! And we apologize about the delay. We have all been working really hard on our music, and we’ve also got real jobs (except Alexis who is still getting learned, and will probably be a transient forever) so we’ve kind of been too distracted to give our website the love it deserves. But no longer! Stay tuned for updates, because we’ve got some exciting things brewing…

We love you all.