Send Me Your Sexts

Very stoked to be playing this party at The Red Gate Arts Society on Saturday night for the one-year anniversary & release party of Send Me Your Sexts! Alongside us are some awesome bands (Dream Cars –Mode Moderne‘s Phil Intilé, Girlfriends and Boyfriends, & Doppelganger) Go-Go Girls, DJs & NEW sexts videos! is both a service and an online video platform, that takes real life “sext” messages and turns them into hilarious short form web videos.

“..after spending some time watching them (Videos) – and getting to grips with their contents – I’d say that they’re basically funny sex scenes based on real (typed) conversations.” —VICE

“…videos made so far toe the line between sheer absurdity and deliberately awkward B-grade porn, revealing a strangely compelling meta-commentary on texting, sex and why human beings are now compelled to send messages like “yea I want ur cum to myself” to each other.” —DAZED

“The first brave souls to upload the screenshots of their sexts onto Eileen’s site were none other than star-crossed sexters, “Dylan & Kacey.” The resulting short film (NSFW), which features epic car sex, is dramatic, hilarious, and oddly meta. Filthy, typoed dispatches never seemed so masterful.” —NERVE